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Long-term security solutions

Every security project brings different requirements – that's why smart planning in advance is so important. CIBORIUS can draw on a wealth of experience from almost all areas of security.

Maximum security

We know that security can only be maximised when technology, coordination and manpower are perfectly intertwined. We identify security vulnerabilities, plan appropriate measures and devise solutions that will be effective from the outset and in the long term – all in line with your budget.

Benefit from our experience

Identify dangers, estimate costs, secure properties and facilities

Our consultants come from different sectors of the security industry. This helps us – and you as our client – to correctly assess dangers, realistically estimate costs and, of course, optimally guard your property and facilities. For one thing, we demonstrate our high quality standards through AMS occupational safety assessments by the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the administrative sector (VBG). We are also ISO 31000 certified for risk assessment and risk management. Our employees are qualified to a level beyond the industry standard, and that goes for everyone from security guards on site to the company owner. This benefits all of us – our employees, your budget and, of course, your professionally guarded properties and facilities.

We advise you on all security matters:

  • On-site inspections and in-depth consultations
  • Advice on preventive measures and structural improvements
  • Planning and implementation of fire protection measures
  • Safety training for your employees
  • Advice in preparation for events and functions of all kinds
  • Intelligent human resources planning
  • Planning of alarm systems and security technology
  • Tailored concepts for individuals requiring personal security
  • Intelligently combined security solutions for industry, service providers, wholesalers and retailers
  • Expertise in dealing with security standards, guidelines and approval procedures
  • Transparent and effective cooperation with the emergency services, public authorities and even our clients' own security teams
  • Provision of first aid personnel and equipment (Sanipack backpack, first aid equipment, defibrillator)
  • Deployment of personnel with special training and equipment (handcuffs, stab-proof vest, gloves, telescopic baton, pepper spray, personal protective equipment (PPE))
  • Provision of hard hats, safety footwear (S3 or higher), high-visibility vests

Emergency call and service control center
24 h professional alarm monitoring

Quality for your security

Our performance is regularly tested and certified.

Gurbet Saybak

Managementsystem /
Security Officer Controlling

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