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Wherever people gather in large numbers, prudent event security is an absolute must. CIBORIUS has many years of experience in protecting large events against unauthorised access, violent disturbances and escalations. Our employees ensure the safety of the event site, crew, participants, performers and guests. CIBORIUS also draws on a wealth of experience in fire protection, planning evacuation routes and drawing up emergency plans, all with a view to avoiding mass panic and accidents.

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CIBORIUS event security
CIBORIUS provides security services for challenging events. For instance, at the stadium of the Bundesliga football club Mainz 05, where we are responsible for entry controls and ensuring orderly spectator behaviour. We check visitors for unauthorised objects such as weapons, pyrotechnics and glass bottles. Thanks to our high-quality training and our experience, we know exactly what to look out for.

From the initial idea to the event itself

Experience shows: the better events are planned, the smoother they are executed. We will be happy to advise you right from the start and discuss preventive measures.
On site, you benefit from the professionalism of our experienced staff. Effectively placed security guards, for example, accomplish two goals at once: firstly, their presence makes guests feel at ease, and secondly, it deters potential troublemakers.

At the entrances, guests and their bags are checked carefully but quickly, and dangerous objects such as weapons, glass bottles, pyrotechnics or liquids never make it inside the venue. In case of any serious incident, CIBORIUS security personnel may enforce the organiser's right to expel unauthorised persons from the premises or – in the interest of public safety – initiate a managed evacuation of the event.

Thanks to regular training and advanced instruction at our own academy DASM (Deutsche Akademie für Sicherheits- und Managementausbildungen GmbH), CIBORIUS professionals are capable decision-makers with a commanding presence.

Our event security services:

  • Comprehensive planning of the event site (positioning of stages, stands etc., barriers, roadblocks, positioning of personnel, fencing, evacuation and rescue routes).
  • Preventive measures to protect against fire and avoid mass panic and accidents; adherence to legally binding requirements
  • Cooperation with authorities, rescue services and fire brigade
  • Checks of guests and their bags
  • Protection of all participants and guests
  • Provision of rescue personnel and equipment (Sanipack backpack, first-aid equipment, defibrillator)
  • Evacuation and competent intervention in case of a serious incident

We secure your event
Focus on your business and your visitors.

Quality for your security

Our performance is regularly tested and certified.

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Friedrichstr. 95
10117 Berlin
Phone: 030 / 22 00 20 72
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Email: berlin@security.de
Website: www.security-berlin.de


Am Seegraben 2
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60489 Frankfurt am Main
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68309 Mannheim
Phone: 0621 / 72 47 07 24
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Email: mannheim@security.de
Website: www.security-sicherheitsdienst-mannheim.de

CIBORIUS Stuttgart

Willy-Brandt-Str. 50 - 54
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Frankenstraße 8
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Email: ingolstadt@security.de
Website: www.security-sicherheitsdienst-ingolstadt.de

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