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When commercial buildings and facilities are secured, this is known as plant protection, a special form of property protection. The primary goal is to guard building complexes, equipment, technical facilities, judicial buildings and other property against theft, sabotage and destruction. Access controls, site inspections and surveillance technology, where appropriate, all have a role to play. It is also possible to deploy dog handlers or armed personnel, especially in particularly sensitive environments and sectors such as banking and the weapons industry.

Our plant protection services:

  • Security analysis: inspection of the plant site from a security perspective.
  • Risk assessment before operations begin and after specified intervals for review and continuous monitoring (useful in the event of changes at the site)
  • Gatekeeper services and access controls
  • Reception services
  • Site inspections and patrols
  • Operation and monitoring of security technology
  • First aid provided by our trained personnel
  • Setting up a plant fire brigade

Our winning combination: human and machine

With our experience and technology

CIBORIUS security staff become precisely acquainted with the processes carried out on your premises. This enables them to immediately notice any irregularities or unauthorised persons and to intervene without delay. We support our teams guarding your premises with the latest security technology. CIBORIUS is the market leader in the use of state-of-the-art cameras, sensors and detection systems.

Quality in plant and industrial protection

With the combination of regular training at our own academy DASM (Deutsche Akademie für Sicherheits- und Managementausbildungen GmbH) and our strict quality management, CIBORIUS specialists are capable decision-makers with a commanding presence. At the same time, we live up to our responsibility towards the environment and have introduced an ISO 14001 environmental management system to improve environmental performance and meet defined environmental targets.

Control & Safety
We identify security risks on your premises and check them conscientiously.

Quality for your security

Our performance is regularly tested and certified.

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