Property protection from CIBORIUS

Preventing trespass, property damage & theft

Consulting, concept, implementation.

Guarding your properties

Mindless vandalism of shops, targeted attacks on car showrooms, banks, company premises, institutes and authorities – attackers come in all shapes and sizes. CIBORIUS is your partner to prevent each and every one of them. We monitor extensive industrial sites, guard buildings in public areas and keep your private property under tight surveillance.

Our property protection services:

  • Risk assessment
  • Development of specific security concepts
  • Deployment of trained and qualified personnel
  • Permanent or regular presence
  • Patrols and access controls

CIBORIUS secures your buildings and facilities

Property protection from CIBORIUS ensures that unauthorised persons do not gain access to premises and buildings. As well as guarding private property, we protect museums that exhibit extremely valuable assets and priceless works of art. Based on the client's specifications, we provide a permanent or regular security presence and patrols – because the mere presence of our guards serves as a strong deterrent to criminals.

We also use advanced security technology to monitor properties remotely. In case of any suspicion, our personnel are swiftly on the scene, coordinated by CIBORIUS's own emergency and service control centre. You can book our property protection services for an extended period or just to cover a holiday – the choice is yours.

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Mobile security – enhanced property protection
Mobile security units are an important part of the security industry. By carrying out patrols, we considerably raise the protection level of company premises, ministries and facilities that need guarding against intruders and damage. We also monitor locations such as religious sites and centres for asylum seekers and refugees.

Our recipe for success: state-of-the-art security technology and highly trained personnel

At sensitive locations, it is vital that guest access is controlled and bags checked effectively. A combination of state-of-the-art security technology and reliable personnel is indispensable. Our CIBORIUS employees are regularly trained by our own leaders – to a level above and beyond the industry standard. At our own certified academy DASM (Deutsche Akademie für Sicherheits- und Managementausbildungen GmbH), we train first-rate professionals to protect everything you value. Our training courses surpass the minimum standard of the security specialist examination according to §34a of German trade law – for instance, with advanced training to become certified GSSK security guard.

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CIBORIUS security | Securing sensitive areas
Access controls are carried out in sensitive areas for security reasons. Our task is to check every guest and the baggage they are carrying. As well as bringing physical demands, this task requires special training, which is carried out by our own managers.

Present when you are not
We control your buildings and facilities and protect against attacks and damage.

Quality for your security

Our performance is regularly tested and certified.

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Managementsystem /
Security Officer Controlling

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